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September 22, 2011
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Death City by Felix-BLACK Death City by Felix-BLACK
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I! Wanna! I WANNA BE!

In Death City....

... where you can start your mornings with a cup of coffee at the café...

Where your afternoons are spent relaxing with the holy sword, sipping a hot cup of tea with two lumps of sugar....

And your evenings lead to wild nights with sexy witches!


This was our con experience.

In Nan Desu Kan 2011 we got the chance to submerge ourselves into the world of Soul Eater.

We walked the streets of Death City --
Met to have coffee at Deathbucks with our fellow cast.
Saw the rising of the sun and moon from the gates of the cemetery --
And partied all night at Chupa♥Cabras!

The full Soul Eater experience was seven months in the making; crafted with the blood, sweat and tears of Shibusen students, who suffered several sleepless nights to achieve success!

It all started with the idea to enter the NDK atrium balcony contest...

This is a list of some of the props that were made/included in our design:

Sun and Moon: They were made into brilliantly lit lanterns and had the option of different colored bulbs -- though we never did end up using the red.

Chupa♥Cabras sign: We decided to go with English so more people could read it. The cabaret's name and heart symbol both light up, and are surrounded by lovely shiny lit bulbs. Measures 28" by 20"

Excalibur: From the tips of his toes, to the top of his massive hat, he measures 5'8". Originally, Excalibur was going to move. We put in every effort to make it so he would leisurely lift his "Deathbucks" cup of beverage of choice (at night he switched over to a clear martini glass with a speared olive!) -- to his non-existent mouth. We worked hard on this detail up until the very day of the con, in which we sadly had to abandon the idea. (We are still interested in seeing this idea through, even though the contest is over!)

Funfact: On Excalibur's café table sat a black iron Halloween lantern, lit day and night with a flickering battery powered candle! (Sadly no one could see this adorable detail.)

Deathbucks sign: 20 inches from top to bottom, this detailed interpretation of the Deathbucks symbol shines with reflective letters and embellished coffee cup and hanging star.

Death City sign: This is pure perfection! Let's make it in metal next! (Though you'd be surprised how heavy layers of foam board and glue can be!) The sign is double-sided so that it could be hung from either side of the balcony.

DWMA: Our design includes a silhouette of Death Weapon Meister Academy reaching nearly six feet in height; complete with accurate detail of the building, highlighted with silver -- and the warm glow of flickering flames.

Graffiti wall: Awesomely textured for a close look and feel -- and victimized by vandals! This wall bears the infamous tag of that fame-whore, Black*Star. (Under which some anonymous troll adds "is a lozer!" in sharpie!) Two ads are posted; one advertises a new Absinthe bar opening soon -- through the humorous depiction of Excalibur and a fairy doing a famous parody; and the other is of Deathbucks' new frozen coffee concoction -- a favorite of their new barista, Blair! Pum-Pumpkin Spice frappuccino, anyone??

Funfact: Absinthe advertisement can be seen here! [link]

Hook Cemetery tree: This was nearly an eight foot tall tree, and was over three feet wide at the base. It was made from tiers of cardboard and coated with a lovely bark texture, and complete with curly, gnarled roots and branches -- some of which hung off the balcony itself. Adorning the tree are Medusa inspired vector arrow leaves -- and pumpkin lanterns!

Funfact: Hook Cemetery was complete with gravestones, one of which bore Sid's name.

Stein wall: This textured wall was over eight feet tall, and given a Stein inspired design. Originally the window pane was to be made of a sheet of plastic -- but Hobby Lobby just would not restock!!! In desperation a clear shower curtain was used. >_< And oddly turned out to be the best choice, given how the wall was bent.

Clock: This is a real working clock measuring 3' 7" total - and elevated to about six feet for display -- embellished with glimmering stones, a gold star and fashioned Death City style~

B Block 8th District sign: This was made to be used in the evening with our Chupa♥Cabras sign. Another lovely touch to add to the realism of Death City.


There were MANY props and details we worked on and spent a lot of time gathering for this. We probably ended up using about half for the contest, due to how stressful and insanely busy everything was.

Our original atrium design included stars that dimly twinkled beneath the purple night sky backdrop, and the effect was GORGEOUS. I'm really sad that we got in so late to our hotel room, and EVERYTHING that could go wrong did.

Due to being an entire day behind schedule, and getting less than three hours of sleep each night, we regrettably had to go minimal in order keep our sanity and enjoy the convention, along with the world we were creating with our balcony and our Soul Eater events!

For more on this project, and the other events hosted by Death City Cosplay, check out my facebook.

Atrium Balcony: [link]

Deathbucks meetup: [link]

Chupa♥Cabras: [link]

Our cosplay group's website will be up soon, and I'll be including a link here so that you can check out all the pictures, blogs, upcoming events, recipes and awesomeness!

We would like to thank :iconkumonokuni: :iconour-everlasting: who spent so much time crafting hundreds of Deathbucks coffee sleeves by hand.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for our balcony in the contest! We know how busy con-time is, and that the voting box was a little tricky to find. Thank you!

To our Soul Eater friends, and wonderful cosplaying strangers who joined us in our events -- You guys made everything truly come to life, and nothing would have been so wonderful and fun without you there!

And thank you to everyone who took pictures of our balcony!! It's been so great stumbling across them online. We would like to credit :icon3yoyo333: for snapping this great shot of Hyura and I in our environment. [link]

:iconhyura: You put in so many hours working terrible jobs just to get us even a few dollars more to fund every detail. Your passion and ambition kept me going through the hard times. Thank you for everything. <3 I love you.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helped make our dreams come true! This was our favorite NDK yet, and it wouldn't have been possible without your support!

- Death City Cosplay
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